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This site is just about live trading and only live trading.

Forget about weekend workshops, webinars, trainings, free strategies which does not work.

We share our live trading screen with you. Watch our trades in stocks, commodities and Forex markets.

You can see real trades and real profit and loss positions in our daytrading and swing trading rooms.

If you like our performance, join our trading rooms and make money.

Live Trading Rooms

Live trading rooms are available for Indian markets, Forex markets and

All trades are generated from TDF X1 System, TDF X2 System, TDF supertrend system and some proprietary techniques.

We share our live trading screen with you and inform you before we place orders.

Forget about weekend seminars, workshops, trainings which doesnot work.

Checkout our live profit and loss positions.

100% Rule based trading. No guesswork and No emotions. We stick to rules whether we make profit or loss.  

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Latest videos based on TDF X1 and X2 Systems

Live Trading Room Features

Live screen sharing

We share our trading screens with you. You can see real trades and realtime profit and loss.

Trading softwares

We will show you which signals we are trading from TDF software and TDF supertrend system.

Chat facility

Chat with our team for any important queries. Our team will assist you in live trading.

Global market coverage

Our target is to have live trading rooms for top 10 world makets. Take advantage of global markets.

Stocks and commodites

Trade in all segments and take advantage of our proven trading system with more than 90% accuracy.

Forex and crypto currencies

Watch Forex and crypto currencies live trading rooms and trade market as a professional trader.

Watch the following training videos on TDF X1 and X2 Systems.

X1 System training videos

Training videos – English

Training videos – Telugu

2(3)2 strategy for X1 System

Investing with TDF Zones

Hindi videos (Nse & Mcx)

U.S. markets live trading

X2 System training videos

Training videos ( Hindi)

Lessons from charts

Gap trading strategies

Trading psychology & Discipline 

Telugu videos (Nse &Mcx)

Forex & cryptos live trading

Interested in our trading systems?

We follow TDF X1 System, TDF X2 System and TDF Supertrend system to trade all world markets. Click the following links for more info about these systems.

Rule based trading

We trade only when a signal generates from TDF Software or TDF X1 system or TDF supertrend system. No guess work. 100% rule based trading system.

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Become a professional trader

We provide live market training in whichever market you prefer.

Whether you trade stocks, commoditeis or Forex, we will make you a prefessional trader at par with best traders in the world.

Our training is one to one. You can opt for online training or personal training.

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“You must have “never-say-die” attitude to be a successful trader.”

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