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We provide live trading rooms for Indian markets, Forex marekts and

We provide both daytrading and swing trading rooms.

Well. Profits depend upon lot of factors like market movement, chart structures, your lot size etc. Please read our terms of service and also disclaimer  Before subscribing to our services

Yes .We manage your account subject to terms and conditions of regulating body in your country.

No. We do not refund any amount. But we can adjust it to swing trading plan to daytrading plan and vice versa.

It takes 10-15 minutes to activate your service.


Watch our videos to know which stocks or commodities to trade tomorrow. Our youtube channel subscribers will get free Banknifty option calls and forex calls for limited period of time.

Please chat with our team to activate free call service.This service is for option buy side which requires less capital and suitable for retail traders.

If you are interested in option sell side, you can chat with our team for special option sell side service. Watch latest live trading videos below.

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We follow TDF X1 System, TDF Software and TDF Supertrend system to trade all world markets. Click the following links for more info about these systems.

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Watch our videos to know which stocks or commodities to trade tomorrow and also watch live trading videos in Nse,Mcx,Forex and Learn new techniques in day trading, swing trading and option trading.

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