Live market training

Get live market training from our team .

Become a professional trader.


Become a professional trader

We provide live market training in whichever market you prefer.

Whether you trade stocks, commoditeis or Forex, we will make you a prefessional trader at par with best traders in the world.

Our training is one to one. You can opt for online training or personal training.


Learn best trading systems we follow every day. All systems are rule based. Same signals are applicable to all markets. No need to reinvent the weel. We have what a trader wants.


We provide you our premium option trading system developed after years of research which will give profits of 30% to 100% in just 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Learning in live markets

Training only in live markets on your choice of markets.We don't teach you useless and confusing theories.We teach you exact entry, stoploss and exits.


After training, our live trading room access is provided for some markets.
Additonal support facility is available at resoanble pricing.

Training Programs for all markets

Training for Futures segment

This is one to one training program to make you perfect trader in futures segment. 

After this program, you will trade with stocks, commodities and Forex markets with 100% confidence.

Features of the program:

1. Live market training for one month.

2. Complete training covering trade setup identification, order placement, stoploss and proper exits.

3. Differentiating normal chart setups and Best chart setups.

4. Re-entry,Stoploss and money management techniques.

5. Gap trading techniques.

6. Option buy side training is also included in this program free of cost which is worth Rs. 1 lakh (1500$). If you are not interested in option buy side program, this amount will be deducted from total amount. 

7. Options buy side program is highly recommended from our side as it is instant money generating technique with low risk and high return setups.

7. TDF X1 System advanced version is also provided free of cost for life time which is worth Rs.50,000 (750$). If you have already bought TDF X1 System, this amount will be deducted from total amount.

8. Training program fee for futures segment is Rs.3 lakhs (4500$).

9. Above fee is for online training through skype, teamiewer, whatsapp and mobile.

10. If you wish to have personal training in Hyderabad for complete 30 days, extra charges are applicable.

10.Training is on Indian markets or Forex markets or U.S. markets. 

11. You can apply the same rules in other world markets. Please chat with our team if you wish to have training for other markets.

12.We do not provide any advisory or tips. After completion of our training program, we are confident that , you will not look for any tips or advisory services as you will become prefect trader with our training.

12.Please chat with our team on website or call us for more information or to subscribe. 

Training for Options segment

There are two types of training programs in option segment.

You can take either “intraday options training program” or “positional options training program”.

These techniques are for all world markets.

Features of the both training programs :

1. Live market training for 7-15 days..

2. In intaday options training, we will teach you five setups which are called VT,TT,Mismatch, OT1 and OT2. These setups are explained in live markets. If you are option buyer, you can use these setups to take option buy trade. If you are option seller, you can use these setups to take option sell trades.

3. Every day, you will get one or two setups for intraday trading.These setups will be with reasonable risk reward. For example, in banknifty, when you get intraday setup, you will get 50-70 rupees profit in 30 min to 1 hour. So, if you can trade with 100 qty, profit potential will be Rs.5000 per day. This technique applies to all world markets and instruments. No software is required for this option buy side technique..

4. On expiry day, preference should be given to TT, mismatch, OT1 and OT2 setups.

5.For intraday options trading , no software is required. 

6. For swing trading in options. we will teach you 8 seups and 8 strategies . For swing trading,  TDF X1 System advanced version is required which is provided free of cost when you subscribe for this program.

7.  Swing trading in options is done with hedging to avoid overnight gapup and gapdown risk. 

8.You can buy options or sell options with the same techniques depending upon your capital for both intraday and swing trading.

8. All swing trading techniques are with predefined risks even if market collapses or rises by 100%, Your risk will be minimum.

9. Intraday Option training fee is Rs.1,00,000 (1500$).

9. Positional Option training fee is Rs.3,00,000 (4500$). In this, you will get TDF X1 System advanced version free of cost for life time which is worth Rs 50,000 (750$).

11. Please chat with our tam or call us for more information or to subscribe.


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All our videos will come with useful trading strategies and profitable setups which will be useful both for intraday and swing traders.

Our youtube channel subscribers will get free access to our live trading webinars.

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