Live market training

Get live market training from our team .

Become a professional trader.


Become a professional trader

We provide live market training in whichever market you prefer.

Whether you trade stocks, commoditeis or Forex, we will make you a prefessional trader at par with best traders in the world.

Our training is one to one. You can opt for online training or personal training.


Learn best trading systems we follow every day. All systems are rule based. Same signals are applicable to all markets. No need to reinvent the weel. We have what a trader wants.


We provide you our premium option trading system developed after years of research which will give profits of 30% to 100% in just 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Learning in live markets

Training only in live markets on your choice of markets.We don't teach you useless and confusing theories.We teach you exact entry, stoploss and exits.


After training, our live trading room access is provided for some markets.
Additonal support facility is available at resoanble pricing.

Training Fees

                  Training fee for 10 live trading sessions       :          50,000 INR  ( 1000 $)

                       Our premium option trading course             :        5,00,000 INR    (10000 $)

                    You can opt for any market and also you can pt for additional trading sessions.

        Please contact our chatting team or call us to subscribe.   

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